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Invisible Braces

Invisalign Braces Springfield & Neptune, NJ

Our offices specializes in placing Invisalign.

Invisalign offers the best method to perfect your smile without any interference with your day to day activities.

Invisalign is transparent and is not noticeable. Our office has certified Invisalign doctors who can place Invisalign transparent braces.

Invisalign is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.

Invisalign offers the best route to having your smile perfected in the shortest time possible.

The Invisalign process uses a series of clear, plastic molds to gradually move the teeth. They're kept in place 24-hours/day, except for when brushing, flossing, and eating. The invisalign invisible braces get changed out every two to three weeks as the teeth straighten. The shape of the molds -- and hence the final position of the straightened teeth -- is determined by creating a three-dimensional "movie" of each patient's mouth. It simulates, from beginning to end, the stages the teeth will go through as they're adjusted.

In addition, Invisalign is more comfortable than braces. Due to the removable nature of the device, food can be consumed without the encumbrance of metallic braces.

Invisalign is faster and achieves straighter teeth in far less time than alternatives orthodontic treatments.

Like other orthodontic systems, the patient has some flexibility. The final position of the teeth is not completely determined by the last aligner. If the patient wants to change the end position because the actual position is not optimal, new aligners are ordered, which are usually included in the originally quoted cost, called a "Refinement".

Invisalign has a teen line that is appropriate for patients who have shed all of their baby teeth and have second molars at least partially erupted this includes most teens.

While wearing your Invisalign regularly, practice good dental hygiene, and keep your doctor's appointments, and you will be well on your way to a new, improved smile!

Before Invisalign Treatment Photo
After Invisalign Treatment Photo

  • Permanent solution
  • Effective treatment
  • Beautiful, straight teeth
  • Completly invisible
  • Easy to remove any time
  • Satisfying results
  • Easy cleaning & brushing
  • No diet restrictions
  • Comfortable plastic tray